Adult Coaching Programs


Darran Wrighton would like to look into the possibilities of running some group adult lessons at Portlock Park in the evenings or mid-mornings in the near future.

There will be 3 types of sessions available:

Coach and Play—technical and tactical coaching sessions involving play-based situations. The session is a mixture of live ball and basket drills for those players looking to improve their gameplay—great for those looking to gain an advantage in match situations.

Cardio Tennis—basket drills and live ball exercises designed to keep participants continually moving—the emphasis is on hitting lots of balls in a social session that is promoting every participant in taking as many steps as possible within the session to help improve their health and fitness as well as having fun.

Fit-H-I-T  (High Intensity Tennis)—this session is purely a basket drilling session for those looking to keep fit and hone their strokes with an hour of continual drills —a great workout for all levels of players.

If you are interested in these proposed sessions, please feel free to email me, and then I can look at the viability of booking courts and running these types of programs throughout the year.

Darran’s e mail is: [email protected]