Why can't I access the web site / booking pages?

You may not be registered & logged in with ClubSpark, the service on which SSTA's membership & booking system runs. Please ensure you are registered & logged in with CS, and have paid for your SSTA membership. When you are logged into CS, your name appears on the top right of the black bar that runs across the top of the web page.

Why doesn't the membership application page accept my information?

Input boxes require information in the correct format. Please ensure that this is so, and check that there are no unnecessary spaces before or after the text/numbers you type.

How do I pay for membership or a court booking?

The system accepts payment via VISA, MasterCard or Interac debit card (with CVC). No other payment options are available; ie, Paypal, eTransfer, cheque and/or cash are NOT accepted. This automation is necessary to reduce the workload for volunteer members who toil to keep the SSTA running.

Your system does not process my credit/debit card payment!

Internet security is a constant challenge for all enterprises. Stripe, the payment provider used by ClubSpark, does not run with web browsers or computing devices that are not up-to-date in order to maintain high security. Try using a different browser, updating your browser and/or operating system, or use a different online-access device. If none of these tactics work, please contact us: