Court Booking

Please select a court and a time when you would like to play.


Step 1: Register for a Play Pass
Tennis BC Hub has a variety of play pass options that you can review and purchase here. Purchasing a TBC Hub Play Pass will give you access to all applicable TBC Hub Venues. Depending on which Play Pass you purchase it will be valid for 6 to 12 months.

Step 2: Sign into ClubSpark
While purchasing your Play Pass you will have to create a ClubSpark account. Please remember the email and password associated with this account as you will need it when booking courts. To sign into ClubSpark click on “Sign-in” located near the top-right-hand-corner of the website.

Step 3: Visit the appropriate venue website
Currently, TBC Hub has 2 locations: Richmond and Stanley Park. Using the drop-down menu located near the top-right-hand corner of the TBC Hub websites you can navigate between the 2 venues.

Step 4: Visit the court booking page
To book a court  online click on the “COURT BOOKING” tab and select a court and a time when you would like to play. Make sure you are signed into ClubSpark first to unlock the booking sheet. In the pop-up booking window select the duration of your booking. Please also remember to include the names of all players taking part in the booking - this will assist with contact tracing should the authorities require such information from Tennis BC.

Step 5: Confirm and pay for your booking

Please note that any players using court time booked using a 7-day in advance player pass will be subject to a $5 access fee if they do not possess a 7-day pass themselves.  


Choose a Tennis BC Hub venue to visit