Junior Programs

Welcome to Tennis BC Hub @Richmond Junior programming.  

Starting from September 2022, we are offering our brand new programs for kids:

Try tennis programs: Short programs ( camp format or 4 sessions per month) dedicated to kids who never played tennis before and would like to try tennis.

Learn the fundamentals programs: 3 months programs with 1 hour to 90 minutes a per week. "Learn the fundamentals" programs are dedicated to kids who never played tennis before (level 1) or kids who had participated in classes before. (level 2)

Develop your skills programs: 3 months programs with 3 to 4 hours of tennis per week. "Develop your skills" programs are dedicated to kids who are able to rally, enjoy a competitive environment and are willing to play tournaments. An assessment of the level is REQUIRED to join the "Develop your skills" program.

If you would like to book an assessment, please contact our Head Pro, Adil Medina at [email protected]


The registration criteria for "Try Tennis" and "Learn the fundamentals" programs is the age:

Blue: 4-5 years old

Red: 6-7 years old

Orange: 8-9 years old

Green: 9-10 years old

Yellow: 10+ years old

The registration criteria for the "develop your skills" is the level of play.

For more details, please check our JUNIOR PATHWAY.

For further program information, or guidance as to which Junior program to register your children in, please contact our Head Pro, Adil Medina by e-mail at [email protected]



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