We are very glad to announce a new offering at the Cougar Dome this Winter and Spring: the Pickleball.  

A sport that can be played by all ages! The Cougar Dome has installed 4 pickleball courts. These courts are 44 feet X 20 feet in size to ensure regular play in our facility.

Here is Pickleball play at a glance at the Cougar Dome this Winter and Spring

Period: December 1 to June 30 2022

Membership: $224.00 (15% senior discount for 60+) or Drop-In fee of $6.00

                                $35.00 per month for the 7 months pre authorized payments or

                                 $45.00 one month at a time.

Winter hours: 9am-9pm, Monday to Friday, 9am-12pm on Saturday, 12pm-5pm on Sunday

Register now, following these easy steps:

1) Register to www.clubspark.ca/cougardometennis2

2) Sign In with your email and password

3) Choose your program on the Lesson Menu at the top of the page .

Please refer to the PDF bellow for Schedule of Play:

 CD Pickleball Schedule January 1 to June 30 2022