Tennis BC Hub Enrollment Options

Why enroll in the Tennis BC Hub?

Tennis is the ultimate sport for life-long athletic activity.  With so many different aspects of the game to choose from,  we at the Tennis BC Hub would like to offer you choices in enrollment too.  Whether you want to purchase or renew your league player licence,  join instructional programs or camps, or just book a court to have a hit with friends, we're here to make it simple for you.  

We thank everyone for their continued patronage at the Tennis BC Hub locations and wish you all good health and lots of fun playing our game!

Enrollment Options

Term: 12 month player card
Cost: Free

This option lets you log in and book a court online 96  hours in advance at the Richmond Hub and 24 hours in advance at the Stanley Park Hub.

Online Booking

All courts are available for online booking only. You will need to register for one of the Court booking Pass  provided above prior to being able to reserve a court online. 
When booking online please remember to include the names of all players taking part in the booking, this will assist with contact tracing should the authorities require such information from Tennis BC.



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