Tennis BC Hub Enrollment Options

Why enroll in the Tennis BC Hub?

Tennis is the ultimate sport for life-long athletic activity. 

With so many different aspects of the game to choose from,  we at the Tennis BC Hub would like to offer you choices in enrollment too.  Whether you want to play tournaments,  play in organized League,  join instructional programs or camps, or just book a court to have a hit with friends, we're here to make it simple for you.   

Play Pass information - now available!  You will be able to sign up for our 7-day in advance play pass and book courts 7 days in advance!  We will offer two options for the 7-day in advance play passes.  The full pass (not available at this time) will allow access to both our indoor courts in Richmond and our outdoor courts at Stanley Park (the bottom 6 courts only).  The Outdoor 7-day in advance play pass will offer you access to book 7 days ahead at our outdoor courts in Stanley Park only.  For those who may not need to book that far ahead, we also offer a free 24-hr in advance play pass.

If you wish to play sanctioned tournaments, please click here for your full Tennis BC tournament membership.

There are many options available - it's all up to you now!

Prior to playing at a Tennis BC Hub venue, please read & sign the following waiver regarding Covid-19 and player safety.  Using the link below, you'll be able to review, sign, and submit the waiver online in under a minute.  Thank you!


TBC Hub - Limited Court Booking - 24 hr Option

12 months membership

Sign up to book a court 24 hours in advance for free. Court fees apply.


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TBC Hub - Outdoor 7-day in advance Play Pass

01/06/2020 - 31/10/2020

Annual Outdoor All-Access Court Booking Card (7 day advance booking) Cost: $9.50 + tax. Court fees apply

$10.00 in full

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