Get involved as a Club Volunteer

Volunteering your help for the Club is a year-round opportunity and is at the heart of the Club's member-owned and run organization.  

These tasks range from helping with youth coaching sessions, helping with social and tennis events/tournaments to yard, court and Clubhouse maintenance.  It’s a great way to get involved with the Club, meet members who you might not already know and be part of our success story.

These are simple, lightweight tasks but they play an important and essential part of the life of the Club.  At the end of the summer, the Maintenance Director organizes a Ground Works Party make sure the blackberries are cut back and the yard space is clear and safe for everyone. During the winter they make sure the driveway and parking areas are accessible and salted if necessary.

Who knew by sweeping our courts with the Zamboni machine once a week we prolong the life of the court surface ten-fold and it keeps the courts in good, clean condition for our players.

The Club invites members to arrange to give just a few hours of help for the tasks assigned and across the year it adds up to make a huge difference.

Ron Slater is our contact for Volunteer Hours/Activities so if you want to ask a question or get involved, please send an email. He can be contacted at:

Ron would like to extend a huge thank-you to all our volunteers and especially to our ‘Dustbusters’ who help to keep our courts clean week in, week out.