Box League - Summer 2022

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This is for all the singles play enthusiasts ...

Summer Box League 2022 ROUND 3 sign-up is now available! 

Haven't played in the  Box League before?  See the description below and register with Blair at:  [email protected] 

Sign-ups by Wednesday, August 31st at noon please.

How Does a Box League Work?

OK, box leagues. Those that sign up will be placed in groups or "boxes" of 4 to 6 players of roughly equal ability. If there are, let's say, 5 people in your box, you will play the other 4 players over the course of, probably, a month. You will pay up front for 4 (1.5 hour) time slots, one for each of your matches. You then contact the members of your box and arrange with each of them the day and time of your various matches. This allows you to play your matches when it suits you and your box mates. You notify me (Tennis Director Blair) of your schedule and I book the time slots for you (since you've already paid).

After each match, you submit the results to: [email protected]. The results are posted and, at the end of the month, the various boxes are reshuffled according to the results (usually the top players in each box move to the box above, the bottom players move to the box below and the middle players stay in the same box).

We'll likely be able to fit in 3 box cycles through the summer starting when the indoor rates are reduced to half price ($14/hour) starting June 21st. That means the cost will be $10.50/match/person/box league cycle. (If you have 4 matches, your cost for each cycle will be 4 x $10.50 = $42). Ideally people who sign up can play in each box cycle until the end of the summer but, if new people sign up, or players can only play in one cycle, that's fine too. We'll work around schedules. It's a good idea to contact your box mates early in the cycle and schedule your matches as quickly as possible perhaps aiming for 1 match/week, depending on your schedule. This way you won't be frantically squeezing them in at the end of the month. Your box mates are counting on playing too so, if you realize you're not going to get your game in, just like in leagues, you must find a spare to play your match(es) for you. There's plenty of flexibility to work around your schedule but it's important to remember no one is organizing your matches for you.

Ready to sign up?     Email Blair at:  [email protected]