Volunteer Recruitment - 2023

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SSTA is currently in need of: 

1)  Court Cleaner (for February)

2)  Newsletter Co-ordinator (for Spring 2023)

Please contact Marian for more information:  [email protected]

This is also an EARLY call for confirmation of your current Volunteer roles for the May '23 - April '24 tennis year ahead.  

We generally look over the current roles and needs shortly after the AGM in April, but would appreciate knowing by mid-March what your intentions are this upcoming year. 

As you know, our SSTA club - with the exception of our hired cleaner - is entirely run by volunteers like yourselves.  This keeps our standards high and our costs down!  

Please let Marian (our volunteer Volunteer Co-ordinator)  know if you will be continuing in your present role by mid-March and please also connect with her if you are not currently helping out and would like to find out how to do so.  Some jobs are seasonal, some monthly, but most require as little as one or two hours a month.  

Contact Marian at:  [email protected]