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Clinics & Drills:

Whether your game is just beginning, or you're a skilled player looking to fine-tune, we are here to help you grow your game.  We offer a variety of adult programs for every level of player!

Our "Clinic" offerings focus more on the instructional component, helping you get to the next level sooner, while our "Drills" focus more on the fun & fitness component.  Rest assured that Fun, Fitness & Knowledge will be present in all our adult group programs, just at different levels for each product offered.

Registration limits:

Due to the immense popularity of week-day evening classes, we are limiting players to one class per week. However, there are no limits for week-day morning and weekend classes.

Players can only sign-up for one level during a course session. 

Playing Levels:

1.0-2.0 are considered various levels of Beginner. 2.5-3.5 are considered various levels of Intermediate, and 4.0+ is considered Advanced. In case you aren't sure which level to register for, please read our course descriptions carefully.

We do not conduct player assessment sessions as there are too many players, with too few courts and too short a Season. The 1.0-7.0 rating system was designed internationally as a self-rating system, and although a "result-based" system nationwide is coming very soon, we would ask that you please register to the level that truly describes your game.

With most classes being full, players who do not have the sufficient level of the group may need to be refunded for the remaining classes, if a spot in an alternate group cannot be found. It is also quite uncomfortable for both the Coach and the Student, to speak about downgrading a level.


We will have a great team to take care of your on-court tennis needs again this Spring/Summer. Please note that our coaches are not assigned to their groups officially until a few days before the start of the sessions, so we will not be able to share that information before the first week of the course.

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For further program information, or guidance as to which program to register in, please contact us at [email protected] or @ 604.737.3086 ext 201. 





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