Youth Coaching & Camps

Youth Tennis is a growing sport on the Sunshine Coast in BC and the Suncoast Racquet Club is happy to be part of a growing program of tennis development for youth as young as 6 years of age.

As a Community Club it’s important we offer our SunCoast BC youth the opportunity to discover the game of tennis or improve their skills – they’re the future!

Summer 2022 : Youth Tennis Camps - Our Spring and Summer Camps in 2022 have been well attended and much enjoyed.  We will continue to run more camps in 2023.  This week-long Summer Camp took place at the Club’s indoor court facility 25-29 June.

We usually organize these camps by age and by ability ie beginners, improvers, intermediates.  

We try to reach as many school age children as possible each summer, ahead of their summer break as they really do benefit hugely from these sessions and their confidence grows enormously.

Fall/Winter 2022: Youth Coaching Program - For the Fall 2022, our resident Club Coach Jacques will provide weekly coaching programs for various age groups and abilities.  Jacques has been talent-spotting some of our Future Stars and they are back on court and improving their tennis game. 

Intermediate Teens:  Tuesdays 3.30-5pm

This runs for 12 sessions from  Oct 4.  Cost $TBC +GST

Youth Improvers: Wednesdays 3.30-5pm

This runs for 12 sessions from  Oct 5.  Cost $TBC+GST

Teen Beginners: Wednesdays 6.30-8pm

This runs for 12 sessions from  Oct 5.  Cost $TBC+GST

For any of the above, you can contact our Club Coach, Jacques Joyal, who is also available for private one-on-one coaching throughout the year.

Please contact Jacques Joyal at 604-741-7858 or [email protected]

Youth Development 

We also have two support Funds to help families financially with tennis coaching for young tennis players who our coach has assessed and believes they have real potential to go far with the game.  These are - the SRC Youth Fund and the Paul Meyer Endowment Fund.

To find out more about our either of these Funds - either for donations to the fund or how to apply for funds - please email our Club Chair, Tamara F. Jacobsen, at [email protected] and she will guide you through the process.