Tournaments and Events

Each year, we have a variety of self-hosted and TNS-sanctioned tournaments. While the majority of them are for-fun events, the rest do bring out some strong competition!

While we haven't set dates for our 2024 season events, the event schedule is rougly as follows:

  • Mid-May - John Piers Spring Mixer
  • July 1st - Canada Day Jr/Sr Tournament
  • Late July - Short Set Singles Tournament
  • August 1st - Club Championship begins
  • Mid-August - Truro Masters Tournament (TNS)
  • Late September - Ferguson-Nettleton Tournament
  • October or November - Blue Nose, Blue Toes, Blue Courts Chilly Chili Challenge

Check back later for more information!

If you would like some info about any of the events, please send us an email at