Wolfville Tennis Club Code of Conduct

1. Courtesy and respect: Players shall treat all other players on and off the courts with courtesy, kindness, respect, and good sportsmanship. Physical or verbal abuse and hostile or offensive behaviour of any kind are not tolerated.

2. Rules and responsibilities: Players shall take responsibility for learning and abiding by the rules posted at the tennis courts, including limits on court time and proper footwear.

3. Facilities and equipment: Players shall treat the courts, nets, fences, racquets, balls, and other facilities and equipment with respect, and use them only as they are meant to be used for the game of tennis.

4. Language: Players are asked to support and encourage one another in the game of tennis, regardless of ability, age, gender, or any other factor. Verbal obscenities and obscene gestures are not tolerated.

5. Drugs and alcohol: The use of drugs or alcohol (unless medically prescribed) is not permitted on the tennis courts or in the clubhouse.