About the Club

The South Cowichan Lawn Tennis Club (SCLTC) was founded on May 9, 1887 by early settlers of the area, only thirteen years after the modern game of tennis was devised, and only ten years after Wimbledon was founded. This makes SCLTC one of the oldest lawn tennis clubs in the world and the oldest lawn club in Canada. During the two world wars the club remained active despite the drop in membership due to the absence of many young men and women members who served overseas. 

The SCLTC has significant heritage value. As it was formed by early settlers, the club represents the social development of the Cowichan Valley, specifically the area of Cowichan Bay. The club symbolizes the importance of recreation to the community and the growth in popularity of social community events. As the club became increasingly recognised as an outstanding grass court facility nationally and internationally, “The South Cowichan Lawn Tennis Club was listed as one of the top six grass court facilities in the world, outside of the UK.” The accolade came in the July issue (2017) of the U.K. magazine Tennishead.  

Association with important historical people has greatly contributed to the current state of the club and is therefore a source of pride to community members. There is immense value in experiencing heritage instead of simply viewing it. SCLTC welcomes visitors and guests, in addition to its members, to engage in all its programs. The pristine condition of the courts allows visitors to follow in the footsteps of early settlers with a game of lawn tennis. The herbaceous garden and sentinel mature maple trees have aesthetic value in their long-lasting contribution to the overall ambience and character of the club. 

Furthermore, as a not for profit organization, since its inception, SCLTC has been run by members and volunteers. The club received its British Columbia Heritage Site designation in 1992. This historic lawn tennis club is a wonderful legacy that is cherished by generations of tennis players.