Member & Volunteer Appreciation Tennis Evening, Sept 23rd, 2022

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On Friday Sept 23, we held a fun social event to celebrate the volunteer work of our Club members and past Chair Colin Jacobsen who has been involved with the Club since 2005 and the redevelopment of the Club at this location.

We were introduced to the game of Dingles tennis by Dave Munro and Simi and it turned out to be lots of fast-paced fun.  The evening carried on with a break from tennis so we could enjoy a tasty BBQ and celebratory drink.

Colin was presented with a specially-commissioned glass beer mug from the Club, presented by Secretary, Diana Popowycz. Dave Munro gave a heartwarming thank-you speech on behalf of the Club. 

Colin gave thanks to all Club members who make the Club what it is - a fun, social group of tennis enthusiasts, who give their time to the Club voluntarily to keep things running so smoothly.  Ron Kydd also gave thanks on behalf of past Board members for the exemplary leadership that Colin brought to the Club in the formative years of its development. 

We hope to hold an annual Volunteer Appreciation evening such as this each Fall.