What & How - Using Playtime scheduler

Playtime Scheduler has the times, availability and skills level for all players including those who are new to pickleball. If there is open play then anyone can join the session by adding their name in the appropriate playtime scheduler ‘bubble’. For example, if there is open play at 9:00 on Monday, simply add your name to the ‘bubble’ and others will also add their names and they come together to play. Ideally, there would be 4 or more people listed in the ‘bubble’ so there are enough people to play.


Pickleball players sign up in Playtime Scheduler and play randomly with others who sign up to play. Generally, it isn’t prearranged and there are often more than 4 people playing. If a 3.0 player, the player may not have the skill to play with 4.0 players and the same is true for beginners. Many competitive players often choose to join open play as well and either mix in with everyone or organize more competitive games within the session. 


Playtime Scheduler Instructions:

Set up a Playtime Scheduler account at


Playtime Scheduler for Pickleball is a free app that helps players find people playing in the area. Playtime Schedule outlines court availability with times and skill level. Set up a free account with your name, email address, gender, zone (we are the Fundy Zone) and skill level. Please note: Playtime Scheduler is not a court booking system. 


Determining your skill level for pickleball: if you are new to pickleball start your skill level as a 2.0 and if you have some racquet sport experience you may want to start as a 2.5. There are many options for Open Play in Playtime Scheduler where players new to pickleball are welcome to play. We ask that all pickleball players respect bracket play times in Playtime Scheduler and play within their skill level. Being respectful of bracket play creates an enjoyable and safe playing opportunity for everyone.  


If you are new to pickleball: please attend the Tuesday evening introductory session at 6:00 so you can learn the basics to get you stated enjoying pickleball. We endeavor to have someone available every Tuesday at 6:00 to assist with providing the basics of the game.


We have 4 dedicated pickleball courts at the Cougar Dome which can generally accommodate up to 20 players per session. These 4 courts are in Playtime Scheduler. There are 4 additional courts for beginner sessions, corporate events, special events and tournaments. These courts are pickleball courts 5, 6, 7 and 8 and are aka tennis court 4.