Message from the Cougar Dome President

Dear All,

I am reaching out to share a quick message of thanks as I transition out of the role of President of the Cobequid Society of Athletic Excellence. Over the past two years, I have had the privilege of serving on the CSAE board. For those of you who have served on a volunteer board, you understand that while there is a lot of work involved, we undertake it out of dedication to the organization. Indeed, it has been a labor of love.

I have been fortunate to work alongside a group of individuals who are as passionate about our mission as I am. All CSAE board members are athletes themselves, and they fully recognize the importance of sustaining this extraordinary community resource. The Cougar Dome is a community gem, providing a space for activity and camaraderie. We have all worked diligently to ensure that the founders' vision for the CSAE continues to thrive.

Overall, our membership deserves thanks.  Our tennis members have been steadfast and committed from the outset. Similarly, our pickleball members are now making significant contributions. I extend special thanks to the CPA for your assistance with membership and to Wes Timmins for his outreach efforts. The growth in pickleball has been immensely helpful in moving us towards self-sufficiency.

The Cougar Dome also hosts a variety of sports and activities, making it a very valuable community resource. In particular, I have been really pleased with our latest program, which provides sports scholarships to academically outstanding or marginalized young students. And I continue to be impressed by the generous contributions from corporate and private donors to the CSAE each year.  All of this reinforces to me that the Cougar Dome community is committed to our mission and to our status as an independent non-profit.

I should add that this change in my board role arises as I take on expanded responsibilities with my professional association in Ottawa. Over the past several weeks, I have been increasing my involvement with them, which has necessitated my step back from the role of CSAE President. But I am very pleased to also announce that Luanne Schenkels will be my successor. Luanne is energetic, intelligent, and detail-oriented, making her well-prepared for this position. She is also supported by a dedicated and passionate group of board members.

I will continue to serve on the board as Immediate Past-President, offering input, advice, and support to Luanne during her transition. Silvano Iaboni will continue as treasurer, and Ron Chisolm will remain as corporate secretary. Other board members, including Don Cameron, Karen Gonzalez, Anne Walker, Connie Baird, Jude Moffat, Kevin Aucoin, and Jenn MacNeil, are all of whom are integral to our team.   So I am highly confident that Luanne will have exceptional support.

So thank you all for your ongoing support as members of the Cougar Dome. Special thanks to the board and to all who volunteer and donate to the organization. In closing, I urge each of you to consider serving on the board or volunteering to help. Maintaining our facility is a massive undertaking, and your help would be greatly valued. We do this with passion, and we cherish the positive environment that we all experience here.  So please consider if you have time to contribute. We can always use more help!


Warm regards,


Leroy Lowe, President

Cobequid Society for Athletic Excellence

Cougar Dome Multi-Sport Facility

Truro, Nova Scotia

902-890-3070 (mobile)