Cougar Dome is Looking for Volunteers for the Future

Might you be interested in helping out in some way with your favourite indoor sports facility in future months and years?

It takes a lot of effort and resources to keep the Cougar Dome operating through the year, as has been very evident in recent months due to extreme weather events and the sudden breakdown of our backup fan generator when the power grid went down in the recent storm.

There are times when the Cougar Dome Board is dependent on members/users getting involved voluntarily in various ways to help provide the unique services for which our facility is well known.  Past examples include: court cleaning, vacuuming, preparing for deflating or inflating Dome, shovelling snow, removing water, decorating, helping at the desk, pickleball and badminton court setup, assisting at Open Houses, etc.

Please let us know by responding to this if you are willing to help out in some way in the future.  If there is something specific you would like to do, please let us know.                                    

Please send your response to Bernardo @ .                               
With the responses, we will compose a list that can be called upon in the future when needed.  You could be called to assist in an unplanned situation, or as a regular volunteer in one of the roles outlined above.
Please provide names, phone numbers and email addresses (if different than what we already have).

If you have any questions or suggestions, please also let us know.
We look forward to hearing from you.
Thank you.
Cougar Dome Board of Directors