COUGAR DOME PLAYER HANDBOOK (Sept. 1st. 2022 edition)





                                                                                   (ALL RATES ARE BEFORE HST)



  •  Singles- $900 for unlimited annual play.
  • Couples -$1,700 (two adults) for unlimited annual play. 
  • 3 Months Singles - $500  for 3 months of unlimited play (any 3 consecutive months).
  • 3 Months Couples - $950 for 3 months of unlimited play (any 3 consecutive months).
  •  Family-$1,800 (two adults & maximum of four kids) for unlimited annual play. 
    • Designated kids under 18 can either be

      (a) residing at the same household as the parents/guardians; OR

      (b) grandchildren of the parents/guardians (not necessarily in the same household).

  •  Students/Juniors (up to age 18)-Player Card for unlimited annual play on unreserved courts - $150.
  • Walk-on rate for Junior Player Card holders-Free on unreserved courts. 
  • Reservation rate for Junior Player Card holders-$30 per hour.
  • Walk-on Rate for all other players (adults and juniors without the Junior Player Card)- player’s share of $40 court rental (for doubles, this is $10 per hour; for singles, this is $20 per hour). 
  • Youth Lessons-$18 per class (8 weeks; 1 hour per week). 
  • PDP and HP Lessons-$20 per hour.     
  • Private lessons-$50 per hour. 



  • Singles — $500 annually for unlimited annual play.
  • Couples — $950 annually (two adults) for unlimited annual play.
  • 3 Months Singles - $170  for 3 months of unlimited play (any 3 consecutive months).
  • 3 Months Couples - $350 for 3 months of unlimited play (any 3 consecutive months).
  • 7 month Unlimited Play (February 1 to August 31) — $350. 
  • Walk-on Rate for all players — $10 per person per visit. 
  • Pickleball Lessons — Not yet offered.



  • Youth lessons — $18/week with session pricing to be based on number of weeks. Classes will run in time with tennis (i.e. if the tennis session is 8 weeks long, badminton will be as well).
  • Walk-on rate for all players— $10 per hour per person per visit.



  • Turf Rental — $95 per hour ($40 when the Turf is rented for a Tournament Event).
  • Track Rental — $25 per hour.
  • Track Drop-in rate — $2 per visit.
  • Golf — $7 per bucket or $9 per 2 small buckets  

                                             IMPLEMENTATION POLICIES


  • Both Unlimited Play users and Walk-on users may reserve tennis courts up to 7 days in advance (except for out of town users). 
  • Players are encouraged to reserve courts online.
  • No gap of 30 minutes will be allowed in the bookings for a given day.
  • Block Bookings will be permitted for all users (both Unlimited Play and Walk-on).
  • Block Bookings must designate a Block Manager, responsible for all changes.
  • Any walk-on user listed on a Block booking is responsible to pay their share of the $40 court rental fee.
  • Junior players who do not purchase a Junior Player Card will be charged at the regular court rental rate when they play (I.e. their share of $40).
  • All reservations that are not likely to be used (whether reserved by Unlimited Play Users or by Walk-on Users) should be cancelled (online or by telephone to the Cougar Dome) within 24 hours of the reserved time. All users should be expected to aggressively observe this constraint, so that court time can be reallocated in a timely and fair manner.
  • Pickleball reservations will continue to be handled by the pickleball user community.



  • All 2022-23 Unlimited Play fees for both tennis and pickleball are payable in full on September 1st. 
  • All Block Bookings are payable in full on the day they are booked. 
  • All walk-on fees are payable upon entry to the Dome.
  • If a player wishes to finance part of the Unlimited Fee or Block Booking Fee for which he/she has registered, three further policies apply: 
    • the minimum payment on installment will be $100 per month; 
    • all installments will be paid before April 30 of the current fiscal year; and 
    • each installment will carry an additional financing charge of $5. The only exception to this will be for payments to be received under the PDP/HP program, where no financing charge should be applied for installments.
  • Unlimited Players (including Junior Cards) joining during the year will pay the full Unlimited Play Fee for the option they choose, regardless of when they make this option. However, players coming new to the Truro area during the year who wish to purchase an Unlimited Play option can pay a prorated fee based on the months remaining until August 31st of the current fiscal year,
  • All Unlimited Play fees are non-cancellable and non-transferable.


Crossing Sports

All fees outlined here are for "one sport only". Crossing over from one sport to the other is not permitted without paying a walk-on fee. 


Hours of Operation

  • No use of the Cougar Dome outside of normal operating hours is permitted.


Financial Support

  • The Cougar Dome Board is open to providing a limited amount of financial support for Unlimited Play fees, on a case-by-case basis.



  • All players need to be mindful of light usage, such that only the lights above your court are on and unless someone takes the court after you, ensure that you turn off the lights over your court.