Cougar Dome is happy to present coached sessions from October to June, at the Cougar Dome and summers at the TTC. Scroll down to search!


We have a new class on  every day 12-1pm Mon-Fri with Bosco called High Noon, there will be skills and drills for all levels offered, you can register for individual sessions. Spaces are limited, register now by scrolling down and filtering for Adult  High Noon classes! (Please note: Max  8 Players )



Don't know which level to chose? Here's some help:



Red Ball - Under 8 

Orange Ball - Under 10

Green Ball - Under 12

Yellow Ball - 12 +


Each of these divisions has three categories: Bronze, Silver, Gold and PDP.

Category Descriptions:

Bronze levels: are for beginners or people that have repeated our programs for two or three sessions.

Silver levels: are for players who have repeated our programs more than three times.

Gold levels: are for players who have been regulars and have a high enough skill level.

PDP levels: are invitational only and for players looking to develop into Provincial and National level players.


If in doubt, please check with your instructor.


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