We recently received some generous donations to help us in our ongoing support of young kids. This has created an opportunity for matching funds on charitable donations to us (The Cobequid Society for Athletic Excellence) if they are made before year-end. As a bit of context, last year we piloted the Cougar Dome Advantage program, a tennis program aimed at local marginalized kids and kids who stand out either academically or athletically. This was a collaborative effort that we orchestrated with the cooperation of a number of school elementary and middle school principals and teachers in the area. Specifically, we gave out $8000 worth of tennis instruction grants to kids who were nominated by the schools. You may have seen this group of kids at the Cougar Dome or you may have read about them (link here -https://saltwire.pressreader.com/article/281590950293599). They have had a lot of fun and the program.

Donation $200

28 Dec 2024 - 31 Dec 2024

$200.00 in full


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