Adult Programs Town of Mont-Royal 2022

*Important : Registration to the various AMA programs is only available to Town of Mount Royal residents who hold a valid tennis membership for the 2022 season! 

Click here for the link to the Town of Mount Royal tennis membership.

To sign up

(1) Hold a valid membership for the 2022 season in Town of Mount Royal

(2) After selecting your program and registering/signing into ClubSpark you will be directed to the “Who will play?” section. Within that section you can add your child to your profile by clicking on “Add a player”. If your child’s profile has already been added skip to step 3.

(3) Add the details of your child and click on “CONFIRM PLAYER DETAILS”. Your child will now appear in your ClubSpark profile.

(4) Add special requirements for your child by clicking on “Edit details” next to their name.

(5) If you scroll down, you will see a questions that states: “Does the participant have any special requirements?” Select “Yes” and enter the special requirements in the box. (ex. Your child would like to be grouped with their friend etc.)


(7) Complete your registration by selecting your child(ren) who will be attending the program, checking off on the Terms & Conditions and clicking on the “PAY NOW” button.


All of these lessons are pay-per time and we have flexible hours for all levels!


If you have any questions regarding sign-ups, please email us at [email protected] and we will respond as soon as we can.