Covid update May 26th

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Latest Covid update from Tennis BC May 26th :

  • There is now no differentiation between adults and youth.  Therefore, larger group lessons and programing for adults are now allowed.
  • No physical distancing is required anymore on the courts.
  • Outdoor club tournaments are allowed for members of the host club only.  As travel is still not allowed, we cannot run outdoor tournaments that bring together participants from different clubs.
  • There are still no spectators allowed.


If you feel ill or have virus symptoms, please go home.

Masks must be worn in clubhouse but not on the grounds, keeping in mind the physical distancing of 2m.

By coming on to these premises you agree to the SCLTC Protocol and Waiver.


               Sign the waiver before playing. This is mandatory and required before any play occurs. 

  • Member who books the court must make sure their name shows on the booking sheet, and they must keep a record of who they play with on any given day.
  • Good idea to sanitize your hands prior to and after play with the shared balls with the individual(s) you are playing with.
  • For now, bring your own chairs, sanitizer will be available. On-court benches will be painted & returned by June 5th. Water is available from our filtered well water (much better than previous years!)
  • Use the clubhouse washrooms and showers, but only one at a time. Use the disinfectant after shower use.
  • Congergate in groups of no more than 10 people keeping 2 meters distance. Or pods of 6 seated. with distance.
  • Be mindful of the health and safety of others.
  •  Thank you !


  • Congregate outdoors in groups of 10 or more at any time or more than 6 people seated. No indoor congregation.
  • Expect to use the bar or the kitchen at this time...opening soon.

You must comply with these rules or leave the premises.

With thanks,

The South Cowichan Lawn Tennis Board of Directors