Membership Information

  Local Out of Town Off Island
Adult (includes grandchildren under 19) $336.00 $247.00 $158.00
Junior (under 19 ) $50.00    
 19 - 24 Full-time student  $50.00    


A limited number of hard court only memberships are available, giving unlimited access to the hard courts and club facilities.  

Adult  $105.00    
Junior (under 19 or full-time student under 25)         $50.00    


Non-tennis Social Membership  $25

INJURY POLICY (established 2017)

Policy for injury that precludes a player from playing for the season

  • Injury occurs between June 1st -July 15th, a player may have half their fees partially refunded, which will be applied to next years’ fees. Injury occurs before June 1st, full refund will be applied to next year's  fees. Doctor's note must be supplied.