Children Learn To Play Tennis

In 2018, over 300 children in the CVRD participated in our Learn to Play Tennis Program led by Art Hobbs and his coaching team.

Children enjoy learning to play tennis.


  • bring  a wide range of physical, social and emotional abilities.
  • participate in a wide range of activities in support of overall physical, social and emotional development.
  • demonstrate being good sports.
  • observe people of all ages enjoying and improving their tennis playing.


  • observe and support their children in their tennis lessons.
  • give input and feedback to our coaching team so that we ensure children have a positive learning experience.

Adults Learn to Play Tennis

Many individual adults and groups of adults participate in Adult Learn to Play Tennis lessons and group lessons.

Adult lessons meet specific needs - play tennis with children and grandchildren, prepare to play in tournaments, prepare to play in league matches, and prepare to play in social tennis. These lessons are FUN!

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