Covid-19 Safety - COVID VACCINATION-UPDATE - Sept 2021

The Indoor Facility is open to members only. Membership is open to all BC residents.




In response to the latest Public Health Order (PHO), play at the Salt Spring Tennis Association Centre Courts will now require that you have provided proof of Covid-19 vaccination.  This is effective for our Club as of Monday, September 20, 2021 and is applicable to all play, including upcoming League and Block Bookings.  We realize this is short notice and very much appreciate your effort to help us to accomplish the following requirement.  
In compliance with the PHO (dated September 13, 2021) all adults as well as youth aged 12 and over will  need to provide proof of vaccination status to use the facilities. From September 13 to October 23, 2021 you only need to provide proof that you are partially vaccinated with one dose. Beginning Oct 24, 2021 you will need to provide proof of being fully vaccinated with two doses. 

Click here  to see the full bulletin which contains the following regulation: 
Places proof of vaccination is required for entry:
    … Gyms, exercise/dance facilities/studios and these activities happening in recreation facilities 

Given that we have no “front desk” or reception area, we are asking all members age 12 and up who plan to play on the indoor courts to provide proof of vaccination by sending a photo/scan of your vaccination record or QR code (name included) by email to: [email protected].  If for any reason you are not able to send an electronic version of your information to the email address provided, in-person presentation of proof can be arranged . Please let us know if that is the case by emailing this same address.  
All information will be held in strict confidence and will only be used to ensure your eligibility to play on the Centre Courts.

Thank you in advance for helping us to keep up with the evolving mandates, keep healthy, and keep enjoying this great facility during the fall season ahead. 

SSTA Executive






According to the latest order from the Provincial Health Officer, vaccinations will soon be required in order to access recreation facilities such as SSTA’s Centre Court. This new order supersedes our previous announcement of August 22nd.  

As of September 13th, SSTA Members and their guests who wish to use the Centre Court facility must have had at least one vaccination.

As of October 24th, there is a mandatory two-vaccination order in place.  

Note:  this ruling does not include youth recreational sport


For clarity sake, one and two-dose vaccination status is defined as follows:

September 13:

Partially vaccinated By September 13, you must be partially vaccinated.

You're partially vaccinated with 1 dose.


October 24:

Fully vaccinated By October 24, you must be fully vaccinated.

You're fully vaccinated 7 days after dose 2.


Please visit:


Thank you in advance for honouring these mandatory requirements.

Any questions may be addressed to: [email protected]


Let’s all enjoy a safe and healthy fall start-up season ahead!