Covid-19 Safety

The Indoor Facility is open to members only. Membership is open to all BC residents.

As of Dec 4, 2020, only SINGLES PLAY is allowed until further notice.

The Jan 8, 2021 Tennis BC Update on the most recent BC Public Health Order continues the recommendation against doubles play. Other key highlights:

  • Only one-on-one private adult coaching is recommended.
  • Adult player is defined as at least 22 years old.
  • If two adult players are members of the same residence, they may be coached together. 
  • Group coaching for up to 4 students per coach on a court is allowed for juniors under age 22, if there is adequate space for full 3-metre physical distancing by all students.


Court Protocols


  • Practice 3-metre social distancing at all times.
  • Play only with family or household members, or low risk individuals within your personal bubble.
  • Wear a suitable face mask before entering and keep it on until you are about to start playing.
  • Enter the waiting room to the booked court before your allotted time and change to your court shoes.
  • Bring personal wipes to sanitize door handles.
  • Enter the court at your allotted time, and stand aside on the court to allow the previous players to depart.


  • Avoid physical contact (shaking hands, high fives, etc).
  • The person who opens/closes the overhead gates must sanitize their hands.


  • Stop play and vacate the court promptly at the end of your booked session.
  • Put your face mask back on before entering the waiting room.
  • You may change to your street shoes in the waiting area with your playing mates.
  • Wash your hands with hand sanitizer upon leaving.
  • Leave No Garbage

NOTE: Washrooms are for emergencies only. If you must use the washroom, santize anything you touch.