Tournaments, Leagues & Ladders

Tournaments, Leagues & Ladders

Box Leagues

Summer Singles Box Leagues begin on June 21st. Not familiar with Box Leagues? See this general description. Check out the instructions to participants and the updated match results. Need to contact someone in the league? You'll find the contact page here.


The So Be It Spring 2021 Team Singles Tournament In-Slow-Motion was put into motion by Blair Clarley, Tournament Director, spurred originally by a suggestion from Mike Chin, who reported on a successful women's singles tournament early this year at the Salmon Arm Tennis Club. Follow the 28 participants in 4 teams in this long running event with Blair's Weekly Blow-by-Blow.  

Singles Ladder

Sad to say, the past year has been a wasteland for organized competition due to the pandemic lockdown & precautions. But singles play has gained traction in the last couple months since doubles was disallowed, and there have been calls to revive the singles ladder which some members enjoyed in the past. To that end, a new tennis ladder web site has been registered for SSTA competitors to join and partake. 


One singles ladder is open to all SSTA members ranked 3.0 or higher.

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