Board of Directors 2023

President:  Gilles Chevrier

Vice President:  Peter Coy

Secretary:  Jennifer McIlreath

Treasurer: Tim Coates

Communications and Online Booking: Dawn Chevrier

Facilities:  Dave Kukkonen

Social Events:  vacant

Membership Chair: Beth Kukkonen

Past President:  Bill McGuire

Director:  James Rampp

Tournament Coordinator:  vacant


Incoming Executive for 2024

President:  Jennifer McIlreath

Vice President:  Joseph Kehoe

Treasurer: Tim Coates

Secretary:  Rick Helman

Facilities:  Karl Sitarski

Communications: Cathy Warren

Membership Chair: Beth Kukkonen

Technical Director:  James Rampp

Programs: Alice Mennacher

Past President:  Gilles Chevrier


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Past Meeting Minutes