Junior Recreational Tennis Programs

Register for our Tennis Learn and Play Programs! Classes are offered once a week over a 6 week periods at Cougar Dome when available.

Registration and Payment:

All participants must register online and are encouraged to pay online, for those paying in person classes payments can be made prior to, or at the beginning of the first lesson. Scroll down for available lessons.

You receive a 10% discount for a second and subsequent children.

Arrival for lessons:

- Follow any current COVID protocols

- Check in at the desk

- Remove outdoor footwear (there are benches by the doors and outdoor footwear can be left there neatly tucked under)

Course Descriptions:

Bronze levels: are for beginners or people that have repeated our programs for two or three sessions.

Silver levels: are for players who have repeated our programs more than three times.

Gold levels: are for players who have been regulars and have a high enough skill level.

PDP levels: are invitational only and for players looking to develop into Provincial and National level players.

If in doubt, please check with your instructor.


Lessons currently in progress, January 10th, 2022 start dates. You can still register online for and fees will be automatically prorated:

U6 (Ages 3-6)    
Le Petit Tennis Saturday Currently not available
U8 (Ages 6-8)    
U8 Bronze Tuesday Register Here
U8 Bronze Saturday Register Here
U8 Silver Tuesday Register Here
U8 Gold Wednesday Register Here
U10 (Ages 8-10)    
U10 Bronze Thursday Register Here
U10 Silver Thursday Register Here
U10 Gold Thursday Register Here
U12 (Ages 10-12)    
U12 Bronze Tuesday Register Here
U12 Bronze Saturday Register Here
U12 Silver Tuesday Register Here
U12 Gold Tuesday Register Here
12+ Silver Thursday Register Here
12+ Gold Thursday Register Here


Next available lessons, six week sessions, tennative* start dates February 21st, 2022:

U6 (Ages 3-6)    
Le Petit Tennis Saturday coming soon
    coming soon
U8 (Ages 6-8)    
U8 Bronze Tuesday coming soon
U8 Bronze Saturday coming soon
U8 Silver Tuesday coming soon
U8 Gold Wednesday coming soon
U10 (Ages 8-10)    
U10 Bronze Thursday coming soon
U10 Silver Thursday coming soon
U10 Gold Thursday coming soon
U12 (Ages 10-12)    
U12 Bronze Tuesday coming soon
U12 Bronze Saturday coming soon
U12 Silver Tuesday coming soon
U12 Gold Tuesday coming soon
12+ Silver Thursday coming soon
12+ Gold Thursday coming soon


*Due to occasional closurures we may need to delay the start of sessions, no refunds are given for missed lessons, if lessons are missed due to facility closure makeup dates will be added.