Tennis MB Summer Kids Camps

Tennis Pathway Camps for Kids 2023- Scroll down to bottom for camp registration

July 24thst-28th 2023

August 14th- 18th 2023

Full week half day camps only, Monday to Friday 9.00 am to 12:00 pm $275.00

The TMB Hub offers summer camp programs for 8-15year olds. Expand your Tennis and team building skills while connecting with kids from around the province. We are look forward to providing community spaces that focus on building Tennis skills, leadership, connection, and more. Experience a summer camp in 2023 like no other. 


What do we do? TMB Hub Tennis kids camp Program, focuses on Tennis skills bringing together kids to create a strong, supportive, amazing community with everyone involved. Participants can expect to spend a week being themselves, learning about themselves, and making lifelong friends in the process.

Who should sign up?  Kids ages 8-15 and is great for new and returning participants or participants that flourish in younger age groups.

Note: Participants must have completed grade 3 before attending.



While at camp, your child will be amongst peers who are the same age and led by coaches, both of whom will encourage your child to achieve their personal best and provide encouragement. It will also give them the chance to develop new skills in a supportive environment.


Summer camp provides an excellent opportunity to start weaning your children away from home by showing them they can exist without their parents taking care of them and can make independent decisions. And while homesickness is to be expected, it does go away thanks to support from their peers. A child being away at camp also gives parents much needed time off as well!


At summer camps, everyone must work together and respect each other. Being on a tennis court for several hours every day means your child will need to learn to get along with their fellow campers, as well as the importance of resolving any conflicts and communication.


Full week only, Monday to Friday 9.00 am to 12:00 pm $275.00